About JR Janitorial Service Inc.

JR Janitorial Service Inc. is a cleaning and maintenance contractor that provides complete professional and first class janitorial services to commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, fitness clubs, banks, school, and other locations, both large and small.

Our Mission

At JR Janitorial Service Inc., our mission is clear. We believe that the facility services we actually perform for our clients will always prove more important than what we say we’re going to do. With the customer always in mind, our team works collectively to ensure consistent and quality building services that will:

  • Enhance your facility’s image and appearance
  • Help you optimize overall return on your property investments
  • Provide a clean and comfortable environment for customers and employees

Our Process

Process and quality are key when it comes to building services. That’s why JR Janitorial Service Inc. has processes that produce quality results built into everything we do.
The fact that we have a long-standing service heritage or that we have more than 10,000 satisfied customers nationwide means nothing to you if your building services needs are not being met. Our process ensures consistent, expert facility services in every action, every day, at a price that promises you the best overall value for your dollar.

In short, we’ve mastered our art. By tapping into our expertise, JR Janitorial Service Inc. customers enjoy the quality results that only come from working with an industry-leading building services expert.

Your Success

By applying our process to your business, we provide facility services that help you:

Achieve Better Efficiencies

Enjoy cost-savings without ever compromising quality. Our state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff produce better results faster at a lower cost. Plus, as a single point of contact for all your facility services needs, you benefit from pricing advantages inherent in dealing with a single vendor.

Take Advantage of Best Practices

Experience has given us knowledge about what works best, when and where. You benefit through proven methods that provide consistent delivery of facility services and measurable results.

Save Valuable Time

Reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks related to facility services and enjoy our speedy response to your emergency needs and special service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save Costs Through Scalable Service

Our building services are highly scalable, meaning we can seamlessly increase or decrease the levels of our service and staff based on your evolving needs.

Customer Trusted

When you take a look at JR Janitorial Service Inc.'s customer feedback, you'll see why we're a trusted resource in L.A. area cleaning services. We clean government buildings, schools, manufacturing companies, apartment high rises, restaurants, and more—to sparkling perfection. And because we use premium equipment and cleaning products, your work environment is always safe and appealing.

Call today to see why JR Janitorial Service Inc. should be your next cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA and all surrounding areas!

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