Introducing service of JR janitorial cleaning service that is best building Maintenance service in USA. Our services planning team consists of a general manager, sales manager, field operation manager and supervisors.

  1. Daily services:

    • Empty all trash receptacles and replace plastic liners if necessary.
    • Vacuum all carpeted area daily and spot clean them as needed.
    • Spot clean all display glass, and entrance glass doors.
    • Sweep all hard tile floors with dust control mop.
    • Damp mop hard tile floors to remove spill and smudges where necessary.
    • Wipe all entrance door glass free fingerprints. (lobby glass doors).
    • Wash all sinks in the classroom if applicable.
    • Dust all office desk and top of the computers without disturbing papers on the desk.
    • Spot clean stains and/ or spills on the carpeted areas. (we will take care of everyday).
  2. Weekly services:

    • Detail vacuum or sweep the carpet edges and corners weekly and remove carpet pulls and snags as needed.
    • Clean entrance door metal thresholds and damp wipe door jams.
    • Spot clean doors, doorframes, wall and switch plate.
    • Dust all chairs, counters, shelves, filing cabinets, picture frames, window sills, partition tops, time clocks, chair, furniture, telephones, baseboards, ledges, ceiling vents, desk, and light fixture and office accessories.
    • Fire extinguisher & cabinet dusted and glass cleaned.
    • Remove all stain, dirty take care of carpets.
    • Window cleaning.
  3. Monthly services:

    • Dust blinds, mini-blinds and vertical blinds.
    • Vacuum and clean the ventilating diffusers. (as needed basis)
    • High dusting (vents & high cabinets) and low dusting (baseboard).
    • Remove cobwebs from corners, vents, fans, etc.
    • Waxing & buffing all floors at show room.
  4. Restrooms services:

    • A. Daily service & by weekly
      • Clean all sinks, urinals and commodes.
      • Empty trash receptacles and sanitary napkin containers and replace plastic liners.
      • Polish mirrors and wash soap dispenser and shelves.
      • Restock soap, paper and sanitary products both in the restroom and in the other areas of the building.
      • Clean the partitions in the stalls and the partitions and walls near the urinals.
      • Sweep and wet mop the floors with a disinfectant and deodorizing cleaner.
      • Wash the walls near the sinks and paper dispensers’ daily and the rest of the wall as needed.
      • Bathrooms will be mopped whit a disinfected.
      • All bathrooms are to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
      • All dispensers, which include soap, tissue, and towels, are to be checked and replenished as required and surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
      • Machine scrub all floors where applicable using germicidal detergent to remove all marks on floor.
      • Wash & polish all mirrors, toilet seats, side of toilets, clean urinals, sinks and chrome fixtures by using germicidal.
      • Wash down walls an partitions, doors, and dispensers.
      • Empty all trash: fill soap, towel and toiled dispensers.
      • It is the intention to keep restrooms thoroughly clean & not to use a disinfectant to make odors.
      • *Please see below closing responsibilities is very important for your offices.*
    • B. Closing responsibilities at your facilities.
      • All movable chairs and desk are properly repositioned.
      • Reading materials in the offices and public areas will be reorganized.
      • Lights are turned off unless otherwise specified.
      • Doors are locked unless otherwise specified.
      • Trash is removed to the designated waste pick up area.
      • Cleaning supplies are put away properly.
      • The supply storage is organized and cleaned.
      • Carpet walk- off mats and runners and are straight and flat.

For the best building maintenance in Nashville, TN and all surrounding areas, please call us at (615) 730-0008.

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